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Masaji Kikuchi

Masaji kikuchi

Born in northern Japan in 1942, Masaji Kikuchi is still active to this day with drawing and agricultural activities at the institution that he attends. Animals feature quite heavily in his artwork, alongside calendar pieces.

Full Biography

Born in Hokkaido on 11 March 1942 Masaji Kikuchi lived with his parents, helping his father who was a pumpkin farmer. When his father passed away in 2003 he was taken to live in a social welfare institution in Hokkaido, where he still lives to this day.

It was in this institution, in the studio there called 'Studio YY' that he started to draw, with mushrooms being a focus of his first works. Today animals feature quite heavily, surrounded by Japanese text. Kikuchi also has a strong interest in calendars, especially the almanac, and this features in his work too. He works on varying scales whilst sitting on the floor, but usually works in pencil crayon on paper. There are many pullout shelves dedicated to his work in the centre he attends.

Alongside drawing Kikuchi engages in agricultural work with the institution, and is still active to this day.

Exhibition Highlights

2018 North Japan Art Brut, Oodouri Museum, Sapporo-city Hokkaido
2017 Art Brut Hokkaido, Ki-niseko Gallery, Niseko-city Hokkaido
2016 Art Brut Hokkaido, Hokkaido University of Education, Iwamizawa-city Hokkaido