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From starlings to earth things and all the fish that cannot swim

The Jennifer Lauren Gallery presents From starlings to earth things and all the fish that cannot swim, featuring intricate black ink drawings on chinese scroll paper and sculptures made from items found on the streets of London, created by the self-taught artist Kate Bradbury.

In its third show to date, the Jennifer Lauren Gallery presents the diverse work of self-taught artist Kate Bradbury (b.1961), from detailed ink scribblings on Chinese scroll paper to sculptural whirling dervishes made from found objects. With much of her work based around the objects she finds, the centrepiece of the exhibition is a new sculpture titled ‘Arkeology’, featuring a large boat and its passengers, which Kate hopes will inspire others to utilise found objects in their work.

Working from her kitchen or bedroom since 2003, Bradbury is inspired by her environment, music, literature and architecture. With no formal art training, both her ink drawings and sculptural pieces evolve unexpectedly during their making as a result of much trial and error and experimentation.

Bradbury gathers endless supplies of discarded industrial and household waste that she places in relevant boxes around her home, where they stay until the opportune moment arises. Each piece she creates tells a story plucked from her imagination and she feels an inherent need to build her work around these stories. Bradbury is prolific with her ink drawings, often losing herself for several hours building marks around the mono-prints she has created beforehand. Accidental fingerprints are now a feature in several of her pieces, alongside birds, faces and buildings.

Of her working practice Kate Bradbury says: “I get a picture of something in my head and then need to make it, to offload it and then I can think about something else. I get obsessed with an idea and try to see it through.”

Jennifer Gilbert (Director, Jennifer Lauren Gallery) said: “I was first introduced to Kate Bradbury’s work in 2011 by the artist Sue Kreitzman, and have been blown away by her works ever since. This will be the third solo show of Kate’s work I have been involved with, the first being in collaboration with the Julian Hartnoll Gallery in London and the second at Pallant House Gallery in Chichester. Kate’s work never fails to make me smile and her ink drawings always amaze me when I see things in them that I didn’t see the first time.”

Vivienne Roberts, freelance Curator and previous Curator at the Julian Hartnoll Gallery said: “Kate Bradbury is part craftsman, part alchemist, and she uses her artistic genius to transform objects she finds into stunning creative forces. They exude revitalised energy that attracts the viewer's attention and leaves an indelible imprint on the memory. Striking figures made of old suitcases and dervishes made from discarded lampshades form some of her early work, along with a series of melodic and intensely delicate drawings. Her art is unique and with every new exhibition comes the excitement of seeing the unexpected and knowing that it will be a profoundly memorable experience.”

Kate Bradbury was selected as one of six Outside In award winners in 2012. She has exhibited in Pallant House Gallery, CGP London, the Julian Hartnoll Gallery and the Outsider Art Fair in Paris.